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Music is the most powerful language in the world.
It is a language common to all people and has the ability to unite us all.


Recital Translations can make that experience even more powerful by combining passion, knowledge and expertise in both classical music and language to produce quality translations of your French and Italian documents.

Inviting a violinist from Italy to perform during your concert season?

Perhaps they have a biography in Italian that you’d like your audience to read. I can make sure an English-speaking audience knows just how talented your performer is and draw them to the concert hall.

Writing an article on Monteverdi madrigals and you’ve just got to know what that French author wrote about his use of polyphony?

I can simply identify the areas of text that are relevant to your research and summarise them for you or I can give you a high-quality, accurate translation of the French text that reads as though it was originally written in English. You just choose which option is best for you.


Please refer to my Services page or download my brochure to find out how else I can help you.


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