Canton Chorus concert report, 31 January

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One of the most important elements of a translator’s profession is keeping up to date with their field of specialisation. For example, a medical translator must keep abreast of current medical terminology and a technical translator must read up on new technological developments. As a music translator, I’ve really fallen on my feet there because one of the ways that I keep up with the industry is by regularly performing music! I was delighted to be asked by Canton Chorus to join them at their Silver Jubilee concert on Saturday to sing the soprano II solo in Bach’s Magnificat and spirituals from Tippet’s A Child of Our Time. I was part of a fantastic team of soloists – soprano Alison Shone, mezzo-soprano Neda Bizzari, tenor Simon Curtis and bass Julian Boyce, who all gave outstanding performances and were great fun to work with. We were joined by the Concert Orchestra De Cymru, led by Barry Haskey, whose performance I can only describe as “perfect”. The choir brought enormous energy to the entire evening and sang with great beauty and clarity. My greatest congratulations and thanks, however, must go to John Abraham for leading us all superbly through the evening and to the choir’s deputy MD Ben Pinnow for his support.