Now a graduate of the Marta M. Stelmaszak Business School for Translators!

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After an incredibly busy few months and a hectic Christmas period, it gives me great pride to see myself included in the “hall of fame” that is the graduate page of Marta Stelmaszak’s Business School for Translators.

Marta likes to crack the whip – we had homework to do before the course even began, we had worksheets to complete before every class and some of the homework tasks were simply enormous. I was forced to answer difficult questions about my business that I realised I had been avoiding. Dreaded tasks, scribbled long ago on a hated to-do list, at last had to be completed and things I had previously thought were beyond my ability now had to be mastered. Of course, what I realised along the way was that none of these things were beyond reach. In fact, one of the greatest lessons I learned during the course was that, actually, I had been right about most things, I simply needed a guiding hand to give me confidence in what I was doing. Marta may not know it, but that confidence was the most powerful tool that she gave me throughout the entire course.

I have emerged from the school armed not only with the wonderful insight, tips and knowledge that Marta so brilliantly passed on but also with great clarity and a strong sense of how to move Recital Translations forward, not just in 2015 but for the foreseeable future. With a brand new to-do list (no longer scribbled and hated but written with great excitement), a new, highly-detailed business plan and connections to fantastic colleagues across the globe, I have gained enormous strength, both as a person and in the services that I offer. January has already proven successful, with new clients and collaborations emerging, and I look forward to putting the skills and plans that have resulted from the school into action to provide clients with something really special!

All I can say is: thank you Marta!