Recital Translations comes out of hiding!

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It’s been very quiet for quite some time here at Recital Translations so where have I been? Well, the explanations range from a long-lost opera to a new addition to the family.

At the end of November last year, I cleared my desk and closed my laptop in preparation for the arrival of my second child. Finally, on 2nd January, a little girl arrived – a sister for five-year-old Mali. We decided on another Welsh name and called her Cerys. Ten months later, she is honing her talents and has even made her debut performance on stage during an impromptu encore! Here she is in action:

Cerys’ stage debut

In fact, Cerys’ career in opera has got off to a flourishing start, from taking part in La Serva Padrona whilst still in the womb to accompanying me on a UK tour of Leonardo Leo’s opera La Zingarella.
Lost for hundreds of years, Leo’s score has recently been rediscovered and is something of a mystery – even down to its very title, where there is some debate as to whether La Zingarella or La Zingaretta is actually the correct title! In a highly original new production, I took the title role alongside baritone Lukasz Biela as Riccardo and actor Rhys Downing, who brought to life the originally mute character of Valentino, with new dialogues and stage direction from award-winning director Maarten van der Duin and wonderful musical direction from conductor Stephen Ellery. This production of Leo’s one act opera is a comedy-turned-tragedy with a grisly twist in the plot!.
















Lukasz Biela and Suzanne Smart in La Zingarella. Photo by Acis Mahrje

I’ll be honest, with the summer opera season behind me and little Cerys off to the childminder, my return to the translation desk is somewhat bittersweet. Nevertheless, I am looking forward to finding out what exciting projects lie ahead and, indeed, have already resumed working with some highly-valued, longstanding clients. Plus, there is much to look forward to here, with the winners of the British Composer Awards being announced at the start of December (, the London Contemporary Music Festival running from 3rd to 10th December ( and the launch of a new virtual museum of historical musical instruments in the UK – go to to view the collection!