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I provide quality translations of documents from Italian and French into English.

How do I do that?

Understanding: I make sure that I understand your needs in order to find the best solutions for you.

Research: I ensure that I am familiar with the subject of the text and thoroughly research it if I need to.

Accuracy: I provide an accurate translation. Of course, there are certain things that must undergo a “shift” when translated into English for reasons of terminology, culture, style etc. but I keep my translations as true to the original text as possible and retain the original author’s intentions.

Style: I write correct and stylistic English that is fit for purpose and suitable for your readership.

Double-check: I read what I’ve written! I always proofread my work before delivering it.




Sometimes a text works well in one language but would be totally unsuitable in another country if it were translated literally.

Transcreation is a solution that retains the message of the original text but the actual words used may be very different. The goal is to produce the same effect – to get readers to respond in the same way as they would to the original text.

Here’s an example: The brand name “Coca Cola” in Chinese literally means “bite the wax tadpole”. After applying a bit of transcreation, the name “Coca Cola” eventually became “kekoukele” in Chinese, meaning “happiness in the mouth” and the company has been successfully marketed in China ever since. To make sure you don’t “bite the wax tadpole”, allow me to adapt your text for an English-speaking audience and get the right message across.


Text summary


If you just want to know what a text is about and you don’t need a polished
translation of the text for any other use, I can read through the document and provide a summary of its content.

This way I can quickly highlight the parts of the text that are most relevant to your needs. This is especially useful if you need to know what a text says for research purposes.




If you’ve got a text that needs a critical eye to bring it up to a highly polished standard, I provide proofreading and editing services to get your documents into shape.

I’m so picky about correct English that I have been known to correct errors in my friends’ emails so you can be sure I’ll do a thorough job!


What I don’t do


I am committed to providing you with quality work and, for that reason, I concentrate on doing what I’m best at. Therefore, I only translate from Italian and French into English (my native tongue) and I currently do not offer interpreting services.

Please note: I have excellent colleagues who do provide these services and I will be very pleased to put you in touch with them. Just ask!


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